Contained herein are the policy statements formulated by the Board of Education of the Morristown Central School District.

     Policy is defined as a basic plan of action. It establishes limits within which freedom of judgment can be exercised.

     Policy is a governing principle of management. It is a statement that has an effect on the interests of those who come under its jurisdiction. A policy may originate from the constitution, from statute, from local determinations and/or from customary patterns of formal behavior.

     Policy should accomplish the following:
  • State a position taken by the District;
  • Grant the authority to act;
  • Be sufficiently detailed to give adequate direction;
  • Be achievable within the real environment of the school and community;
  • Provide for impartial procedures.
     In addition to the adopted policies, the operation of the Morristown School District is governed by and subject to all applicable Laws, Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, Civil Service requirements, Board of Education Resolutions, School Administrative Regulations and Contracts of Agreement.

     If any part of this manual is made invalid by judicial decision or legislative or administrative enactment, all other parts shall remain in full effect unless and until they are amended or repealed by the Board of Education. The official record of the adoption, amendment, or repeal of the by-laws and policies of the Morristown Central School District shall be the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Education.

     The Morristown School District will strive to provide the best education possible for every child in the District. The School's educational program is dedicated to the development of moral, ethical and cultural values, love of learning and an understanding and appreciation of the rights and duties of American Citizens which will enable them to function effectively as participating members of the community and a democratic society.

     The School recognizes the varying aptitudes of the children and will strive to adapt the instructional program to develop the talents and worthy interest of each to the maximum.

    The Board encourages parents and teachers to offer their expertise in helping to develop a school environment that is academically challenging, psychologically satisfying and socially fulfilling for students at all levels. The objectives of an educational program are best realized when mutual understanding, cooperation, and effective communication exist among the home, community and school.