Welcome to Morristown's After School Program

The mission of the Green Rockets Rising After School Program is to ensure students have a safe, extended learning environment with enrichment opportunities to foster academic and social emotional growth, as well as, the skills necessary for success in school, college, careers and life in the 21st century.


Intended Outcomes:

  • Improve social, emotional, academic and vocational competencies of school-age children and youth.

  • Reduce negative youth behaviors such as bullying, violence and crime, tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse, disengagement from school; school suspension and truancy.

  • Provide a safe, after-school environment for children and youth.

  • Include: community service and community engagement opportunities, character education, good choice making strategies, media use awareness safety tips for students, input and involvement from all stakeholder groups.

Potential Club Offerings:

  • Homework Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Yoga & mindfulness
  • Club offerings may vary with each session based on student interest and staff availability. 

Academic Ineligibility: 

  • If a student is on the academic ineligibility list, they may join the after school program for academics only until grades improve and progress is shown.


  • The MCSD After School Program Handbook is available on the school website to learn more about discipline procedures. Electronic and paper copies will be available upon request.

MCSD ASP Contacts:
Mrs. Vaughn: , ext. 21005
Mrs. O'Donnell: , ext. 21101
Ms. Prudhomme:
Main office  315-375-8814