Welcome to Green Rockets Rising!
the After School Program for Morristown Central School!

MCSD ASP, Mission Statement:
The intent of the Green Rockets Rising After School Program is to ensure that all Morristown students have a safe, after-school environment that is enriching both academically and socially.

Green Rockets Rising will encourage students to be active participants in planning and facilitating learning (their own and others) and seek to open up our students to a broader world beyond the community of Morristown.

Intended Outcomes:
  • Improve social, emotional, academic and vocational competencies of school-age children and youth.
  • Reduce negative youth behaviors such as bullying, violence and crime, tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse, disengagement from school; school suspension and truancy; and healthy behaviors reinforced.
  • Provide parents with a safe, after-school environment for children and youth.
  • Include: community service and community engagement opportunities, character education, good choice making strategies, media use awareness safety tips for students, parents and community members interested in participating.
  • Homework Clubs daily:
  • Groupings: K-2, 3-6, and 7-12
  • At least one staff member per HWC room, with a floating sub to assist as needed for an extra hand dependent on numbers of student participants, daily.
  • Goal: for each club is to provide 20-30 minutes/during down time to promote and allow students to work on school work….ie study, homework, iReady, online resources/practice, tutoring small group, 1 to 1 or peer, board games, etc.
  • Academic Ineligibility:  if a student is on the academic ineligibility list then they may join the after school program for academics only, until grades improve and progress is shown.
  • MCSD After School Program Handbook available
    • Online, school website
    • Bulletin board
    • Coordinator and Director offices
  • Behavioral/discipline issues will be dealt with on a case by case basis, with guidance from the MCSD policies, procedures, and administration.
MCSD ASP Contacts:
  • Mr. McQueer  ext. 21005
  • Mrs. Calkins  ext. 21011
  • Mr. Walldroff  ext. 21004
  • Main office  315-375-8814