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Transportation Changes
We have been having some issues with students needing to change their afternoon bus transportation without a properly written note or email from their parent/guardian. If we do not have a note authorizing a busing change then we will send your child to their normally designated drop-off point. Please read the following excerpt from our Transportation Regulations:

Temporary Changes to Student Drop-off and Pick-up Points
In the event that a student needs his/her drop-off or pick-up location changed from one of the three student’s drop-off and pick-up points to another, A WRITTEN NOTE MUST BE PROVIDED TO THE MAIN SCHOOL OFFICE BY NOON ON THE DAY THAT THE TEMPORARY CHANGE NEEDS TO OCCUR. The change must be an established and recognizable transportation route from the acceptable transportation address list. Parents may write their own note or complete the form provided by the school district.

Notes must contain the following:
Student(s) name                Length of change (must be a recognizable weekly transportation pattern)
Date(s)                              Drop-off and pick-up address information
Telephone number(s)        Parent signature on the written note
Email must come from a valid email on file with Morristown Central School.